Taking the First Step Is the Most Difficult Part
The EGJ Family Law Firm can help you through a difficult divorce or family law matter.
The EGJ Family Law Firm can help you through a difficult divorce or family law matter.
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Experience Counts

Our attorneys are guides with an excellent reputation for trying cases in the courtroom and resolving the most difficult matters. These matters include high-asset valuation, cases involving businesses, transmutation issues on inherited funds and other extensive property valuation. We work with forensic accountants when we determine with our clients that this expense is justified. We are always cost-conscious and will work for the most cost-effective solutions in your case.

Our Focus





Custody And Visitation

Custody And Visitation

Alimony and Spousal Support

Alimony and Spousal Support

Property Division

Property Division

Focused On Divorce And
Family Law

Our law office represents clients in a variety of family matters, including:
  • Child custody and parenting plans
  • Child support, spousal support or alimony
  • Issues of particular concern to people in their 50s or 60s who are seeking answers in an unhappy marriage and considering divorce (aka gray divorce) such as division of retirement assets, second homes, vacation property, artwork, motorboats, jewelry and fine automobiles
  • Post-decree modifications to agreements
  • Marriage or cohabitation, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Relocation and custody agreements or modification of agreements

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Resolve Your Matter Through Mediation

In addition to traditional divorce and trial representation, Emily G. Johnston is a certified family law mediator. She receives frequent referrals from other attorneys who know she can assist couples in an impartial way to solve problems. Ms. Johnston believes in cooperative and alternative dispute resolution if they are right for your situation.

A Fighter On
Your Side

A Fighter On Your Side

As a cancer survivor, Ms. Johnston knows that life can come at you and change your situation in a moment. She is prepared to fight for her clients facing difficult life changes for themselves and their families.

Emily G. Johnston 
Holds An M.B.A.

Emily G. Johnston Holds An M.B.A.

Having an attorney with an M.B.A. is an unusual advantage of someone who has extra skills with numbers and the business understanding for asset evaluations.

What Our Clients Say

Dear Tori,
It has been such a pleasure working with you. From the very beginning of my filing last year, you have kept me strong and cool-headed throughout the difficult conversations I was having with my husband. You have helped me use the divorce process, and the law, to show me that I could be protected personally and that my assets and custody arrangements would be done fairly. Your professionalism, prompt and insightful responses, and confident attitude have been invaluable to me.
With most sincere appreciation for you and your work in this matter.

Satisfied Client

Emily’s Style Is Exemplary And Reassuring!Now, that my divorce is complete, I must tell you that Working with you guys has been a real pleasure,. Emily’s style is exemplary and reassuring. I almost regret that I do not need your services any more. If you need me for reference, please don’t hesitate to ask. Warmest regards, cheers, and salutations.


Ok folks, especially MEN. I WILL tell you first hand. I have hired three lawyers. TWO OF WHICH WERE MEN…THEY TOOK ME FOR A FINANCIAL RIDE. I DIDN’T RECEIVE A FINAL OUTCOME EITHER TIME. FOUR YEARS LATER, I THEN DECIDED TO FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE…I HIRED EMILY JOHNSTON AND WITHIN 2 1/2 MONTHS MY DIVORCE WAS FINAL! Words can not explain the appreciation I have for Emily, and her legal team! Once again folks, you will not be disappointed if you do hire Emily johnston. You will thank youself in the very near future, for making the right choice!

Brian J.

Emily is quite simply the best!
I interviewed and researched many attorneys in the area. I did not want to divorce and I hated the thought of even stepping foot into an attorney’s office. The whole process went completely against my beliefs and how I grew up. It was foreign and frightening to me. I instantly knew Emily was the right attorney for me because she was brutally honest, fiercely strong and yet compassionate at the same time. She was fair, and I wanted fairness! She is classy, smart and down to earth at the same time. I was NOT strong and I know I was stubborn, but she stuck it out with me. She made sure that I was protected financially when I was way too weak to fight for myself. She had the experience and foresight that I lacked. She and her staff are the friends I did not ever want to have, but now I am so grateful that I found them. Truly they have been my refuge in this terrible storm. I am forever grateful. I love you Emily! Thank you for everything!
Sarah Curtis