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Resolving Your Family Law Concerns With Mediation

Attorney Emily G. Johnston is a certified family court mediator in South Carolina. She frequently receives referrals from other attorneys who know and respect her ability to help couples reach commonsense solutions to their family law problems.

Our goal is to efficiently resolve your domestic problems in a cost-effective and mutually beneficial manner. In many cases, mediation saves clients money, time and stress. EGJ Family Law has an excellent track record of resolving disputed issues in divorce through mediation. We aim for an amicable and uncontested divorce to avoid the stress and ill will associated with litigation.

If you are interested in exploring your alternative dispute resolution options, call our Mount Pleasant office at 843-352-4530. Our capable attorneys will explain how mediation may impact your divorce.

We also work cooperatively with the Charleston Cooperative Family Law Association to help clients resolve their case amicably.

Negotiation in a Neutral and Productive Environment

During mediation, our attorney will serve as a neutral counselor to help both sides agree to a mutually beneficial resolution. Working through difficult issues such as child custody, visitation and marital property division in mediation can have many benefits, including:

  • Substantially reduced costs
  • Minimizing damage to the important relationship in your life
  • Achievement of fair outcomes
  • Creating mutually beneficial long-lasting resolutions

Contact Us for Trusted Counsel

At EGJ Family Law, we settle most of our divorce cases through mediation. However, we also have extensive trial experience to represent you aggressively and effectively if your case is brought before family court.

If you are seeking a lawyer who is qualified as a mediator and litigator, please call EGJ Family Law at 843-352-4530. You may also contact our South Carolina firm online.