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Understanding Dangers Of Social Media In Divorce

In the age of social media, many South Carolinians post the details of their life on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, oversharing on social media generally hurts your best interests during divorce and other family law issues. Your online personality and revealing posts may be used against you by your spouse in your case.

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How Can Social Media Harm Your Family Law Case?

Social media posts can be used by the opposing party to either question your character or honesty in family court. Avoid posting pictures or comments about:

  • Alcohol or partying: A harmless night out with friends may be shown in court to challenge your parenting ability. This could impact your child custody decision if the court thinks that you are unreliable or unfit to have primary custody of your children.
  • Vacations, expensive cars or other purchases: Expensive purchases or extravagant spending may impact your property division.
  • “Bad mouthing” your spouse: The court wants you to support your child’s relationship with the other parent. Publicly criticizing the father or mother of your child, whether justified or not, could impact your final custody order.
  • Significant others: Pictures or references to a significant other could be used to substantiate adultery claims and used to establish fault in your divorce.

The best rule of thumb is to halt social media use altogether or to be very selective and reflective in your posts. This takes mindfulness. Restricting your privacy settings cannot be relied upon to safeguard your accounts. The other attorney may still be able to access some of your information, or a mutual friend could share information with your spouse.

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