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Knowledgeable Assistance Through Relocations

During a divorce, child custody orders are established with detailed expectations and care schedules for each parent. However, either parent may need to move after the divorce is finalized for personal or professional reasons, potentially impacting the custody arrangement.

If the parent with primary custody would like to relocate out of South Carolina, that move may negatively impact the other parent’s ability to spend time with the children. To protect both parents’ custody and visitation rights, the court requires approval before a parent makes an out-of-state relocation. A move-away within South Carolina is guided by another consideration.

Securing out-of-state parental relocation approval is complicated. EGJ Family Law attorneys have over 35 years of experience. We can guide you through the relocation process and support your best interests in family court. Call 843-352-4530 to speak with our experienced family law lawyers today.

Thorough Preparation for Relocation Cases

To successfully relocate to a new state, you must gain court approval. Our firm understands the necessary elements of a thorough relocation case and will help you clearly demonstrate:

  • How the move will benefit your child
  • Relocation benefits for you and your family
  • Why you should retain primary custody
  • Thoughtful reasoning behind your decision to move
  • Plan effectively so that the nonrelocating parent maintains a healthy relationship with the family

We will interview relevant witnesses and review information to demonstrate your need to relocate. Our goal is to quickly secure court approval so that you can proceed with your desired future.

Preventing Unwanted Relocations

If your spouse proposes a relocation that could harm your parent-child relationship, our skilled attorneys can provide the strong legal support you need. We will carefully analyze your existing custody and visitation plan. Our goal is to demonstrate that relocation would significantly harm your custody rights and your child’s or children’s best interests. Ultimately, the court will favor the result that it believes is in the child’s or children’s best interests.

Contact Us for Diligent Legal Assistance

EGJ Family Law places your best interests at the heart of our case strategy and goals. We can confidently help you pursue or prevent a relocation to protect your custody arrangement and maximize time with your child.

Call our Mount Pleasant office at 843-352-4530 to discuss your case with our trusted legal team. You may also contact our firm online.