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Results-Oriented Assistance With Court Order Modifications

Once a family law court finalizes a decision, you are legally bound to comply with its terms. However, your circumstances may drastically alter after your case ends. These circumstances may include remarriage, job loss, substantial change in income, relocation or having a new child. Any one of these major life changes may impact your original court order.

EGJ Family Law understands the unexpected realities of life. Our experienced attorneys can strongly support your case for a necessary modification. Once the court makes an initial decision, it is bound by certain dictates of law regarding modification. You need an experienced attorney who represents your needs in court. Our firm has over 35 years of experience. We pursue the best possible results for our clients in South Carolina’s court system.

If you require an order modification, call our accomplished legal team at 843-352-4530 to discuss your case.

Enforcing Existing Court Orders

If your ex-spouse is looking to modify an existing order to your detriment, we can provide the aggressive support you need. Our lawyers can demonstrate your need for child support or alimony payments, or explain why the current child custody arrangement should not change. Our goal is to resolve your legal concern as effectively and efficiently as possible. We respect your resources and are mindful of developing cost-effective case solutions.

Contact Our Capable Lawyers for Support

If you need assistance pursuing or defending a court order modification, EGJ Family Law can provide the capable legal support you need. We know the intricacies of South Carolina law and can use this to strongly support your position in court.

Call 843-352-4530 to discuss your case with our results-oriented attorneys. You may also contact our Mount Pleasant office online.