Securing Fair Child Support For Your Family

Divorce orders are created to protect the best interests of the children. This includes ensuring that the children and their needs will be financially supported by their parents. In South Carolina, either parent may apply for child support; however, the parent with primary custody of the child typically is awarded support.

EGJ Family Law will thoroughly evaluate your family’s situation to anticipate how the courts will determine child support. While primarily determined by a set formula, we can discuss any extenuating factors that should be evaluated to adjust payments so that your child receives the support that they need.

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Understanding Child Support Guidelines

South Carolina has statewide guidelines to determine the amount of child support a noncustodial parent may pay. Major factors in the two formulas — one for sole custody and one for joint (shared) custody — include:

  • The number of children requiring support
  • The incomes of each parent
  • Health insurance and work-related child care costs

Protecting Your Rights When Deviations Occur

Anticipated child support payments are simple to calculate, but there are some instances where guidelines cannot predict the outcome. Certain circumstances justify a deviation from the basic guidelines.

These may include special needs of children, obligations to support other children or issues involving income calculations. In addition to helping you forecast child support, EGJ Family Law develops outcomes for high-income families where the guideline may not apply.

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