Adultery has a significant effect on divorce issues in South Carolina

Adultery is one of the most common reasons marriages fail. Sometimes, the otherspouse can find a way to overcome the betrayal and save the relationship. Other times, the couple is not able to reconcile or the other spouse wants to end the relationship.

Still, many couples experiencing marital trouble over adultery hesitate to pursue a divorce. The cost of ending a marriage may be an important factor. What many Mount Pleasant couples do not realize is that adultery may play a significant role in divorces occurring in South Carolina.

Since adultery is still an important marital issue, our legal team is able to counsel you regarding the impact of adultery on divorce issues. 

  • Spousal support: Under the state’s legal code, spouses who cheat during a marriage are not eligible to receive alimony.
  • Speedy resolution: Since adultery is one of the grounds for a fault-based divorce in our state, a divorce on that ground may proceed faster than an uncontested divorce.
  • Lower costs: Because cheating is a fault ground for divorce, it may cost less to end your marriage due to adultery.

Cheating can play a major role in getting divorced in South Carolina. A word of caution: do not be tempted to claim adultery to obtain a faster or cheaper divorce. Courts will not tolerate this behavior or collusion from one spouse or both spouses working together to obtain a “fast divorce.” For best results in achieving your divorce goals, seek legal counsel from an experienced law firm. You can find additional guidance by continuing to browse the many resources available on our website.