Is there any way to lower the cost of divorce?

It is natural to have concerns regarding expenses in the aftermath of divorce. For instance, you may have concerns regarding how much in child support you will need to pay. On the other side, you may have concerns regarding how much child support you will receive. The same concerns exist with alimony.

However, many people overlook the actual cost of divorce itself. Depending on the particular route your divorce takes, it can potentially cost thousands of dollars. However, there are ways to save. According to Forbes Magazine, collaborative divorce is much less expensive than a traditional trial divorce.

What is collaborative divorce?

A traditional trial divorce involves multiple lawyers, paralegals, judges, and aides in the final outcome. With this many legal professionals involved in the process, it is little surprise that it can become very expensive very quickly.

On the other hand, a collaborative divorce takes the divorce out of the courtroom and puts it on a conference table. Some collaborative divorces only involve one lawyer mediating between the ex-spouses. Other collaborative divorces have both ex-spouses hiring their own lawyers to advise them but still negotiate.

Negotiating makes the entire process less expensive. Plus, it allows you to have more of a hand in the creation of your divorce terms as opposed to leaving it up to a judge.

Are there any negatives?

The backbone of collaborative divorce is collaboration. If you and your spouse are on acrimonious terms and cannot discuss divorce outcomes reasonably, you may have no other choice than to turn to a trial divorce. Collaborative divorce requires compromise. If you are not on speaking terms with your ex-spouse, there is no chance for collaboration.