Is shared custody beneficial to children?

South Carolina parents focus on child custody matters during divorce. This takes up a large chunk of your attention. It is also one of the most contended areas. Many potentially peaceful divorces dissolve into animosity due to child custody matters.

But it is important to make decisions that benefit your child. What form of custody is most beneficial? It is important for you to have an answer to that question.

How stability helps your child

DivorceMag talks about how shared custody benefits children in different ways. First, it gives them a sense of normalcy at home. This is invaluable to your child in formative years. Feeling secure and stable allows children to develop good coping mechanisms. They are not as inclined to act out. They have less trouble connecting with peers. They do not get into as much trouble in school or with law enforcement.

Compare this to children in a sole custody situation. They suffer from a higher rate of depression and anxiety, and some suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Studies speculate this is due to the instability of a single parent home.

Financial support or the family

Shared custody results in more financial stability as well. There are two sources of income that can help a child, rather than relying on a support check from one of the parents. This means that parents can meet a child’s basic needs with greater ease. Again, this stability leads to a child developing better coping mechanisms. They are better equipped to handle the stress of life post-divorce.

Change is hard for everyone. It is particularly difficult for kids. Keep in mind that a level of acting out is not abnormal. Do what you can to streamline the adjustment period for their sake.