Coping with stress during a divorce

One of the most overlooked factors in most divorces is the emotional stress husbands and wives endure, especially when there are complex issues where the couple has had a severe breakdown in their communication. According to MyDomaine, managing stress during a divorce is not easy, but keeping that stress at healthy levels is important for overall emotional health and the ability to make rational decisions during the process. 

The biggest challenge for most people during a divorce is focusing on the decisions they have to make in the present for their future, and being able to do that with clarity and confidence. At a time when people lead busy lives and so many demands are made of them every day, divorcing couples face a different challenge. They have to manage the responsibilities of children and work, in addition to the divorce. So naturally, the stress and emotional toll this could take on both spouses is pretty high. 

Every divorce comes with some amount of stress, but how the couples conduct the divorce has a lot to do with how stressful it would be. According to Mental HealthAmerica, choosing the adversarial route will result in a protracted separation that will deplete assets and will not ensure that the outcome will be one that they can live with. Couples using mediation do not experience this kind of stress because their process of divorce is not adversarial, and it is less demanding, both emotionally and financially. This not only makes their separation more manageable, but allows both spouses to keep more of their assets, meaning less financial stress. It also allows couples to recover emotionally much faster than couples who divorced using attorneys.