What are the reasons behind grey divorce?

Married couples that have been together for 30 or 40 years are often viewed as having a strong union. However, this is not always the case. Grey divorces have been on the rise over recent years, even when divorce rates have been on the decline in general. There are many reasons behind grey divorces, as explained here.

Affairs & cheating

Affairs just don’t impact young couples. Older spouses can also fall victim to infidelity, which can be hard to bounce back from. While some couples choose to work through cheating with the help of relationship counseling, others don’t have any issues with calling it quits.

Financial issues

Along with infidelity, it can be difficult for spouses to navigate money issues over long periods of time. Perhaps one half of the couple takes a haphazard approach to spending, which can cause financial instability in the marriage. When there are no solutions to these problems, divorce is a likely outcome.

Longer life expectancy

People in their 50s are no longer considered “old”. As a result, it’s easier for people in this age group to think about what might await them after divorce. While this is definitely a good thing, it can also be bad for a marriage if both parties are seeking something beyond what they already have.

Less stigma surrounding divorce 

In the past, married couples often stayed together due to the stigma associated with divorce. Divorce and legal separation are considered socially acceptable these days, which may cause a shifting attitude among older married people. Once children are adults and out of the house, some couples find that they are no longer happy together. This can easily lead to divorce, especially when other issues are at play.