Signs your spouse may be having an affair

South Carolina is one of the few states that recognize adultery as grounds for a fault-based divorce. If you can prove that your spouse had an affair during the marriage, you may be eligible for expedited divorce proceedings without the typical separation period for a no-fault divorce. Findings of adultery also impact spousal support awards.

If you are considering divorce, be aware of the signs that your spouse may engage in a romantic relationship outside the marriage.

Secretive use of technology

Most of us spend significant time on smartphones, laptops and other devices in the modern age. If your spouse becomes secretive about text messages, emails and phone calls in a way that goes beyond a normal desire for privacy, this could be a red flag. For example, does he or she leave the room with the phone, change passwords or otherwise appear to be hiding communication with someone else? You may also notice that he or she often clears the browser history if you share a home computer.

Unusual spending habits

When you notice something amiss with your finances, an affair could be to blame. Often, people whose spouses are having an affair notice unfamiliar credit card charges and unexplained cash withdrawals. Your spouse may also be reluctant to save for major purchases with you, seem to be short on cash or start arguments about money.

Sudden appearance changes

Has your spouse suddenly lost a significant amount of weight, changed his or her hairstyle, or purchased a new wardrobe? While these signs are not necessarily suspicious by themselves, they could indicate that your partner’s appearance changes result from another person’s influence.

Emotional changes

If your spouse suddenly treats you differently, be aware of the possibility of an affair. This could take the form of increased hostility and arguments or a quiet emotional withdrawal.

If you suspect an affair and plan to leave your partner, you will need evidence to seek a no-fault divorce. This could include electronic communications, photos, videos and other documentation of an extramarital relationship.