How should you prepare for a child custody evaluation?

One of the most stressful factors of your pending divorce may be the reality that your children may not be permanently in your care depending on the outcome of child custody negotiations. While you can certainly do your part to demonstrate why you would be an ideal candidate for sole custody in South Carolina, there are only so many factors you can control. However, your preparation for important aspects such as the child custody evaluation can provide added support to your effort to acquire a beneficial outcome in court proceedings.

The purpose of a child custody evaluation is to allow courts to identify how functional and safe your home is. The people sent out to observe the condition of your home may look at things like the location of the home, the environment inside of your home, how accessible your home is to resources required by your children, whether or not your home is safe and who has access to your home among other things.

According to, one of the most important things you can do is to be honest about your situation. Refrain from trying to hide things or creating a false perception of who you are. Be optimistic about your situation and talk positively about your hope for the future and your commitment to your children. Despite temptations to speak ill of your ex, keep your focus dialed in on parenting and the needs of your children. Be timely, organized and prompt about your meetings with the evaluator and maintain professional communication with him or her.

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