South Carolina annual childcare can cost $6,840 per household

If you are going through a divorce in South Carolina, you may suddenly find yourself taking on a new and unexpectedly demanding role as your family’s sole breadwinner. At EGJ Family Law, we help you determine how much you might require in child support payments, which may include expenses for work-related childcare, health insurance and special needs. The results of Child Care Aware’s 2018 report shows that the annual cost of childcare in South Carolina is $6,840 for a household that includes a married couple who are both working. This roughly equates to 7-to-10% of a married household’s median income.

After a divorce is finalized, childcare matters are generally taken care of by the parent who is awarded full-time custody of the children. Unfortunately, many unforeseen issues may come up after adjusting to a household that previously earned two incomes from parents who were both working. Based upon the findings of Child Care Aware’s 2018 study, the daycare expenses for a single parent raising two children on her own may be close to 60% of her income. While this may seem rather high, a parent has the right to request financial support from their soon-to-be-ex-spouse for assistance in paying for childcare that allows a parent to work full time. Daycare expenses for an infant might cost more and hiring a full-time caretaker to stay at home with the children may help reduce the overall expenditure.

If you are in the process of calculating some reasonable figures for the care that your dependents will require, our page on child support provides more information on how to secure the necessary funds your family needs.