Steps can be taken for delinquent child support

In a South Carolina divorce, it is possible that one former spouse will be obligated to make certain payments to the other former spouse. If there are children from the marriage, it is imperative that child support be paid on time and in full. Unfortunately, some parents are delinquent in that duty and will not pay what they owe. The receiving parent will inevitably be concerned as to how this situation can be rectified. Legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in family law is immensely valuable in these cases.

When seeking those payments, it is wise to understand what the Child Support Services Division (CSSD) can do to collect past due child support. While these actions might be perceived as punishment for the obligor, it is really a series of strategies to get him or her to pay what is owed and, if they do not, to ensure the child is adequately cared for.

CSSD can file contempt of court. If the obligor does not pay, he or she could be jailed. The supporting parent could face income withholding or, if they are not working, their unemployment benefits could be withheld so the custodial parent receives payment. If there are tax refunds – federal or state – these can be intercepted and sent to the custodial parent.

For parents who are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, this too can be garnished so the custodial parent gets the required amount in child support. Credit reporting agencies can be informed that the child support payments are delinquent and it can negatively impact the obligor’s credit score. If the person has an occupational or professional license, this can be revoked making it impossible for them to work. A driver license can also be revoked.

Although it could be construed as playing hardball with a supporting parent who is not paying what is owed for child support, these are important tactics to make certain that the main concern, the child, receives what is needed to be cared for properly. When a parent is not making the payments for child support, it is imperative to call a family law attorney for help.