Family law disputes might be negotiated through mediation

South Carolina couples who have a marriage dissolution dispute have, the natural inclination to go straight to court and have the matter settled that way. It is, of course, their option to do so, and, in some cases, there is no alternative. In contentious cases where the parties have dug in with little maneuverability, negotiation is not even on the table. However, for many couples, the situation has not reached that point. Sometimes the parties are even on cordial or even amicable terms. In such a case, mediation might be a preferable way to end the marriage and move on.

A legal professional experienced in family law can serve as a mediator when there are sticking points in divorce negotiations. Mediation can be cost effective and save time throughout the process. When a person sits down with a mediator, they might enter the situation with a preconceived notion as to what the other side wants. After discussing it, though, they often find there is significant common ground. This is the foundation to an agreement that can leave everyone satisfied.

Mediation is conducted on neutral ground with the goal of settling the case. A mediator listens to both sides and tries to find strategies that can preclude the need for a contentious court proceeding. Issues that can be settled via mediation include the division of marital property, child custody, child support, and visitation rights. In addition to saving money, the relationships among the family members can be salvaged by utilizing mediation, as the outcome is negotiated rather than ordered. This increases the likelihood of acceptance, and the solutions can be long lasting.

Before taking the case to court, couples are advised to think about how they can negotiate the end of a marriage without the rancor that impacts numerous couples and hinders their future in myriad ways. Calling a law firm that handles all areas of family law including mediation can be a critical part of deciding if mediation is the way to go.