Handling a grey divorce and its consequences in South Carolina

In South Carolina and across the nation, divorce and the issues that precede it are often the same regardless of a person’s age and financial situation. People will have different concerns as they end a marriage and move forward with a new life. When it is a so-called “grey divorce,” older people will have considerations that will not be an issue for younger people, but are critical for them. Having legal assistance from a firm that understands these issues is imperative from the beginning.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of older people who are getting a divorce. In general, the term grey divorce is a descriptive term for people who have been married for an extended period and are parting ways after they have “turned grey.” Statistically, there has been a rise in the rate of people 50 and older who are divorcing. Common issues in a grey divorce include finances, growing apart, adultery, longer lifespans, and addiction.

Finances can cause tensions within the marriage that lead to a divorce. If one spouse is handling all the finances, the other spouse could have problems with that or want to have more responsibility. If a person spends beyond his or her means or there is mismanagement, this too could cause friction. As people age, they might have different interests or a simple decision that they are not experiencing the same level of cohesion as they did with the spouse when they were younger. At some point, they decide happiness is preferable to the status quo.

Adultery is obviously a problem in any marriage. With online dating, social media and unhappiness within a marriage, it can be easy to find another person to spend time with. If one or both spouses is looking for different partners, this can be the catalyst for a grey divorce. Whereas people once had a limited life expectancy and quality of life, as health care and treatment options to maintain or regain health advance, people find that they want to do other things without being married. Finally, drug and alcohol addiction can be problematic, but there are other addictions such as gambling or pornography that can signal the end of a marriage.

For older people who are getting a divorce, there are a litany of considerations that younger people need not be worried about like retirement plans, pensions, property and more. In these cases, it is wise to have legal assistance from a firm that understands late-life divorce and can help with the unique problems that it entails. Calling for help is the first step.