Should you show pre-divorce vacation photos on Facebook?

Because you were experiencing so much stress over your upcoming divorce, your parents urged you to spend some time relaxing in their vacation home. That home just happens to be in Bermuda—on the beach. You snapped a few beautiful photos, but should you post them on Facebook?

What your spouse posted

Soon after your spouse asked for a divorce and left the marital home “to find himself,” he posted some pictures on his Facebook page. The photos showed him enjoying a cocktail with a young lady you do not recognize. They were sitting on a patio, beyond which was a golf course and a cluster of palm trees. Shortly thereafter, your spouse blocked you from his Facebook account. However, mutual friends still have access, and some are more loyal to you than to your spouse. They provide ongoing commentary about your spouse and his new lady friend from information posted online.

The issues that develop

Like many people, your spouse uses social media to tell friends about the latest happenings in his life. He began by mentioning his work as a real estate agent. When interest in his postings turned into new clients, his postings increased and gradually became more personal in nature. Your spouse did not realize until recently that your attorney can see what he puts up on his Facebook page, and so can the judge, who was not at all convinced when your spouse told the court that he was broke and could not pay alimony.

Using caution

Your parents have your best interests at heart and sincerely wanted you to enjoy some time to yourself at their vacation home. Like your attorney, they have even cautioned you about using social media, given that your soon-to-be-ex has been unwise in sharing too much information about his activities. Remember that whatever you post can affect your divorce proceedings. Social media pictures and comments can influence the court about everything from property distribution to a child custody order. The best course of action is to refrain from using social media altogether, at least until your divorce is final. If you must post, do it with caution—and keep those pictures of Bermuda to yourself.