Should you date before the divorce is final?

South Carolina does not grant divorces unless the couple in question meets certain conditions. Some of these grounds include adultery, physical cruelty, habitual drunkenness and desertion for a minimum of one year.

After one of these events, a couple may decide divorce is best. Both spouses need to try to be amicable and mature to get through this time quickly and efficiently. While there are no laws explicitly outlawing dating someone during a divorce, it is advisable to avoid seeing other people until you have officially separated from your spouse. 

Avoid dating to prevent issues with alimony from arising 

Even if you and your spouse now live in different houses and have filed the paperwork to proceed with divorce, you should avoid setting up dating profiles online. In the event your former spouse discovers you have seen other people, it could trigger accusations of adultery. Credible claims of adultery could prevent one spouse from receiving alimony from another. Adultery can also affect the court’s decision on child custody and property division. Even if no substantial evidence comes to the forefront, the accusations are enough to tie up court resources and can draw out the proceedings significantly. 

Avoid dating to keep any more ill will from forming

You may be ready to date other people after filing for divorce because you have moved on emotionally. However, your spouse may not feel the same way. Seeing you out on the town with other people could cause your spouse to become hostile and jealous. This can make all forthcoming negotiations become exceptionally more difficult. The spouse may begin to start disputes over issues that do not matter in the long run. This results in the divorce taking longer to finalize, and you end up paying more in various legal fees. It is best to keep things as simple as possible during this time and avoid forming new romantic relationships.