Be prepared when facing a child custody dispute

Since child custody and visitation determinations are based on the best interests of the child in question, there are many elements that can come into play. As we discussed previously, domestic violence can play a role in a child custody dispute but so, too, can other issues. Substance abuse is a common problem that can have a negative impact on a child, and may therefore justify a child custody or visitation modification. The same holds true when a parent is emotionally abusive toward a child or he or she lacks the funds to adequately care for the child.

Of course, most parents deeply love their children, which can make child custody and visitation battles intense. What could start as an amicable discussion about an arrangement that is best for the child can quickly evolve into mudslinging where each party’s dirty laundry is aired out before a judge. This usually doesn’t do anyone any good, but sometimes it is necessary if those issues are directly tied to the child’s best interests.

With all of that being said, South Carolinians who find themselves either seeking a modification or fighting against one need to be prepared to make compelling arguments both at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. This requires legal skill, as these individuals will have to be able to take the facts at hand and frame them in a way that supports their legal position.

The legal team at EGJ Law understands the emotional difficulty that oftentimes accompanies these cases, which is why we want our clients to leave the legal arguing to us. Law firms like ours can provide advocacy that is holistic and aggressive. In the end, we hope to leave our clients with a favorable outcome that supports both their and their child’s best interests while at the same time protecting them from unfounded allegations that can be emotionally hurtful and damaging to their reputation.