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Experienced Counsel To Determine Alimony

Unlike child support, alimony payments are not governed by state guidelines in South Carolina. Also known as spousal support, alimony is awarded to one spouse based on a number of factors considered by the family court judge.

If you expect to receive or pay alimony, the knowledge and experience of your attorney is critical. This is one of the most difficult areas in family law. We work to protect your interests and ensure post-divorce financial security.

Call 843-352-4530 to discuss your divorce with our qualified South Carolina divorce lawyers. Our goal is to secure the best divorce settlement possible.

Determining Spousal Support Payments

If your spouse earns a higher income than you do, or you do not have the ability to support yourself, we assess your case for support opportunities. The court may consider many factors to determine payments, including:

  • The length of your marriage
  • The ages and health of you and your spouse
  • The education, work history and earning potential of each spouse
  • Any misconduct or fault constituting grounds for divorce (adultery is a complete bar to alimony in South Carolina)

At EGJ Family Law, we educate our clients about short-term and long-term alimony possibilities. We will explain the legal system and ensure that you understand how South Carolina’s divorce laws may impact your family’s unique situation.

In-Depth Financial Knowledge to Develop a Strategy

Attorney Emily G. Johnston holds an MBA in addition to a legal degree. We understand how to develop financially focused strategies that support your well-being. Our firm has years of professional relationships within the local community to assist us in developing and presenting a strong financial case.

In some cases, it may be possible to demonstrate that your spouse has a greater earning capacity than claimed. In other cases, we consider rehabilitative maintenance (higher payments over a shorter time) as an alternative to long-term alimony.

If you are the paying spouse, we can propose a settlement that does not burden you with a lifelong obligation.

Contact EGJ Family Law for Personalized Counsel

We understand that each family is unique. We spend significant time with each client to evaluate their circumstances and develop a personalized case strategy.

If spousal support is an issue in your divorce, we can serve as your capable legal advocates to protect your long-term financial interests. Our skilled family law attorneys can also help you seek support modifications or enforcement. Call our Mount Pleasant office at 843-352-4530 to speak with our qualified legal team. You may also contact EGJ Family Law online.