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Welcome to EGJ Family Law

Emily G. Johnston has practiced family law in Charleston, South Carolina for more than twenty-five years. She offers a unique skill set to her clients as a highly regarded family and divorce attorney with over two decades of experience representing clients and resolving legal problems relating to divorce. Ms. Johnston holds both JD and MBA degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill. She uses her MBA to assist with issues related to complex cases and everyday situations. Her background is useful is developing strategies in marriages which involve substantial assets and debt, business valuations, and alimony considerations. Ms. Johnston has significant trial experience and is experienced in mediating and resolving divorce related issues, valuation of business assets, recognizing income streams and protecting the financial needs of her clients.

The EGJ Family Law practice focuses on all aspects of family law in order to help clients plan for and recover from a marriage that has come to an end. She advocates for cooperative resolution, however is trial savvy should your case require it.

Emily has been helping mothers and fathers in South Carolina. She is a Certified Family Court Mediator, a divorced working mother of three children and an experienced trial lawyer. Her goal is to take care of her clients in the divorce process so they can move ahead with their lives.

The EGJ Family law firm offers a warm welcome to its clients, a strong family focus and a commitment to resolve complicated or contested divorce issues. With a non-judgmental approach and years of empathy and wisdom, Emily and her team are more than prepared to help you transition into your new life.